Land Use Litigation

Finding the right firm to guide you through difficult land litigation matters can make the process feel manageable instead of overwhelming. Senie and Associates, P.C. is a small, specialized practice with attorneys who understand the particular process of land use litigation. We handle appeals to the Superior Court or Land Court from local land use decisions, property disputes, and nuisance law.  The firm also handles further appeals to the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

Nuisance Law Specialty

If you’re part of a neighborhood group that is suffering from noise pollution due to a nearby business, or another form of environmental impact, it can feel daunting to stand up for yourself. We may be a small firm, but we have a long track record of success when it comes to helping clients find their voice. 

What We Can Help With:

  • Title Issues
  • Easements, Rights of Way, and Adverse Possession
  • Property Line/Lot Line Disputes
  • Environmental Issues
  • Nuisances/Noise Abatement