Jonathan Polloni

Jonathan is a first-generation lawyer. A graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Law, he has specialized in real estate and land use law since 2014 and honed his civil litigation practice over the last three years. After leaving law school, Jonathan returned to his native Cape Cod and began practicing in a variety of areas, first volunteering with South Coastal Counties Legal Services and practicing solo, and then joining a local firm handling real estate transactions. After three successful years, Jonathan again went on his own to focus on civil litigation and general practice. During this time, Jonathan had the opportunity to work on a larger variety of cases, building rapport with clients, effectively communicating the necessary steps to reach a resolution, and providing skilled litigation. His work during this period led to enduring client relationships, a cornerstone of Jonathan’s success as an advocate and able lawyer.

When not lawyering, Jonathan enjoys being in nature with his wife and kids, be it hiking, camping, or exploring the world in their Vanagon. In his next career, Jonathan hopes to join the bench and facilitate the resolution of matters from a judicial perspective.