Business Law

Business owners know how important it is to attend to details, and how complicated legal requirements can be when it comes to setting up and managing their operation. Senie and Associates, P.C. offers a wide array of support for clients who own and operate businesses. We assist in the establishment of business entities by drafting and filing required formation documents with the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We draft bylaws, operating agreements and shareholder agreements, and help with the process of obtaining federal employer identification numbers (EINs) from the IRS. We consult with clients and interface with tax and accounting professionals to determine optimal choice of entity to satisfy particular business needs. We provide advice about required ongoing business formalities and recordkeeping requirements. To meet client needs, we have established the following entities: single member limited liability corporations (LLCs), multimember LLCs, partnerships, S-corporations, C-corporations, and professional corporations. At clients’ requests, we have filed annual reports for existing businesses, and drafted and filed amendments to formation documents when needed. We have assisted foreign corporations in registering to do business in Massachusetts. Senie and Associates, P.C. has also advised clients wishing to dissolve businesses.

What We Can Help With:

  • Establishment of Business Entities
  • Drafting Bylaws
  • Drafting Operating Agreements and Shareholder Agreements
  • Obtaining Employer Identification Numbers from the IRS
  • Filing Annual Reports and Amendments to Formation Documents
  • Assisting Foreign Corporations Registering in Massachusetts
  • Dissolving a Business
  • Creation of Business Entities such as:
    • Single Member Limited Liability Corporation (LLC);
    • Multimember LLC;
    • Partnership;
    • S-Corporation;
    • C-Corporation; and
    • Professional Corporation.